These are genuine comments. We receive many more every week!

shaking_hands“Thanks for all your help…….I’ve just successfully completed the RSA Certificate and the advice you gave me was invaluable….if I hadn’t done your course I’d have probably given up after the first week!”

Robyn, France

”I’ve just started my first job in Saudi Arabia and I’m glad I did your course beforehand.”

Mohammed, KSA

”I wanted to … thank you for your superb tutoring and impeccable help, … I have not forgotten the last minute help I needed before leaving …. My brother (whom you dealt with likewise) was also very impressed by your co-operation.
It is a personal gratification that I have had which I have been longing to convey.Thank you, you’re a great bloke !!”

Mohammed Farooq

“…the Norwood English TEFL certificate  offers an ideal preparatory course …..”

Daily Telegraph,UK

“Norwood English is an outstanding and inexpensive way to learn and improve the techniques, skills, and qualifications one needs to be an EFL teacher.”


“Thanks for praise of assignment 1, I’m sure I didn’t deserve it!”

Jo, Korea

“Thank you very much for your kind attention to my email and your concern for providing prompt service. I can see that I have selected the best school for a distance learning programme”

Mark, USA

“I have now begun teaching, I started about 3 weeks ago and am enjoying it very much although the first few lessons were hard work! So far all the lessons are 1-1 and cover a wide age range – from an 8 year old to a business woman.Many thanks for all your feedback so far and I look forward to receiving the certificate”.

Zainab, Hong Kong

“I really appreciate your prompt and excellent feedback on my assignments”


“I’ve been in Korea for three months now and I’m already saving money! When I started your course I didn’t expect to be working abroad so quickly. I’m trying to persuade my brother to do your course…”

Sarah, Korea

“….the course is full of useful information and although I’ve yet to teach a live class I already feel like an experienced teacher.”

Peter, London

“As a complete newcomer to TEFL I’m finding these units a revelation…..I can’t wait to finish the course and start looking for work….I’m hoping to teach in Greece or Italy, anywhere hot!”

Tony, London

“Thanks for the certificate which I received today. I’ve got an interview for a summer school job next week and once I’ve got some practical experience I intend going to Japan to look for work. Thanks again for all the information.”

Steve, Brighton, England

“I didn’t find the course easy but I do believe it’s been a great help. The section on homestays and private teaching interested me as I’d like to work from home….”

Margaret, Kent, England

“..[my tutor] must be sick of hearing from me! I’ve rung him every week since …[the course] …..started and his comments have been really useful…the articles have been particularly interesting…”

Jenny, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

” In answer to your question I’ve been working as a volunteer ESOL teacher since completing the Norwood English certificate. I’m hooked now and my next step will probably be a TESOL Masters.”

Mike, USA

“The TEFL course was great. Do you have any other courses? Please let me know about them.”

Anita, Nottingham, England

The following is an evaluation from one of the course participants. The background to this is that she [the writer] had to complete the course within less than two weeks in order to obtain a visa in Korea. It is genuine and similar to many we receive.

Not only has this course changed my view of EFL teaching, it has changed my own self image as an EFL teacher. It has contemporaneously demonstrated to me how little I used to think about my own language which is quite frightening, and given me the confidence to tackle grammar in a way I would never have contemplated at home, or even during my diploma at university. It has made me analyse the way the English language works, and realise just how much I have still to learn. I feel that I have only scratched the surface, and the greater bulk of the secrets of both the English language and EFL teaching are there for me to explore. It is encouraging but at the same time, slightly scary.

Something else which I found useful was the input from EFL teachers from around the world, it’s nice to see that there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. Some of the advice I have read and thought, “great, so simple but I would have taken years to come up with it” and some I have thought, “what a load of tosh!” all the while remembering that these people have years of experience and that something apparently nonsensical to me could work very well for them in their respective environments.

Although I did not read this question to mean that I should write an evaluation of the course, I feel that it would be remiss of me not to do so. I have found the course to be excellent in terms of both content and direction, and I am very glad that I decided to enroll on it. My only regret is that I could not do the course under more relaxed circumstances for in truth I did very little background reading for the course which I feel would have served me well. This is something which I intend to address during the course of my teaching here in Korea but it also brings me to my next point, that of the quality of the accompanying material, all of which was excellent- succinct and relevant. I printed all of the units out in order to save them for future reference, and colleagues who have seen them have decided to enroll on the course at some point in the near future, because they are impressed not only with the content but also with the fact that they can do it on the net. You will doubtless be hearing from them in the next few months!

But the most useful element of this course in changing my perceptions of EFL teaching was certainly the input from other EFL teachers from around the world. Whether I agree with their methodology or not, the incontrovertible fact remains that these are people who are teaching quite satisfactorily in their own respective environments. Whether you use an electronic dictionary or not- you may well not be allowed- one is now at least in a position to make an informed choice, and to argue ones point if necessary with ones school. It was also interesting to see the tyrannical “big brother” tactics of some of the big chain type organisations, several of my friends worked for one such school and I didn’t believe them when they told me about working conditions there. Needless to say they did not stay for long. All of the other problems which the teachers experienced such as being forced to use inappropriate text books, are problems which are relevant to all teachers at some point or other and it is useful to see how other teachers solve them.

It is in many ways a different situation in which I find myself to most students who I imagine to be writing this assignment, as I am already in an EFL environment and on the job. The course has given me the tools to evaluate both my own performance against criteria not decided by myself, and that of my institution. I have heard horror stories both from other teachers and elsewhere in the world and have come to appreciate just how lucky I really am. I intend to keep this broad perspective afforded by the course but as the saying has it, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I hope that this open mindedness which the course has taught me will become a permanent state of mind, but to ensure this I will probably try to do some short refresher courses at intervals in the future. I may try to enroll on a UCLES CELTA course but sadly I fear that this option may be closed to me because of my lack of degree. Perhaps they will consider my experience a year or so down the line as studying for a degree is not an option right now.

In conclusion I will say that despite the pressure put upon me by my employer, I have enjoyed the course immensely and am now confident that I made the right choice of career. My only regret is that I could not take the time to enjoy it more and thereby profit from the assignments to a greater degree, and I look forward to the next course.