40 Hour Introduction to TEFL Certificate

40 Hour Introduction to TEFL Certificate Course


This is a shortened version of our 120 hour course.There are four units, fewer readings, and only five assignments.

The course costs 110 euros.


 Unit One

  • Introduction to TEFL
  • Common Terms
  • Overview Of Methodologies
  • Theories and Approaches
  • Qualities of ‘The Good Teacher’

Unit Two

  • Students: Culture/Motivation/ Learning Difficulties
  • Classroom Management
  • Adults & Children as Learners
  • Planning
  • Presentation; Practice; Production.
  • Beginning a Lesson: Warm Up Activities
  • Beginning a Lesson: Presentation

Unit Three

  • Communication: Speaking; Listening; Reading; Writing.
  • Language Analysis
  • Controlled Practice

Unit Four

  • Production
  • Teaching Materials
  • Using Audio & Video
  • Teaching Situations: One Student or Sixty?
  • Analyzing A Lesson