How the TEFL Courses Work

Generally materials are sent out as email attachments. There are options to receive materials on CD-ROM at extra cost.

Each unit contains an assignment. These may be essays, case studies or multiple-choice questions. After studying the unit you complete the assignment and return it to your tutor via email [or post/fax]. Your tutor makes an assessment of your work and sends this to you along with the next unit of the course if you are receiving it by email.At the end of the course your work is sent to an external assessor for final evaluation.

Your certificate or diploma is posted to you via airmail in an hard-backed A4 envelope. You can also pay extra for courier or registered delivery.

For all courses a named tutor is appointed to help you through the course. As well as assessing your work your tutor will answer questions and offer advice on all aspects of TEFL TESOL including finding work.

Even after you have completed the course you will still have access to your tutor during your teaching career. Norwood English provides ongoing support to former trainees as long as it is required.

As with all of our courses there is no time limit for completion.