Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee jobs?

Nobody can guarantee you a job. You should be wary of such offers. We can probably guarantee you a job with NASA if you meet certain criteria! In most parts of the world competition for TEFL TESOL jobs is very competitive. There are areas of the world where anyone should be able to find work but keep in mind that respectable employers are looking at far more than qualifications. We do offer work Teaching Online with an associate but this depends on performance on their practical course.

What about accreditation?

If you are concerned about accreditation you should really do a full time course and the  two we recommend are the CELTA and Trinity. Unfortunately there are many accreditation agencies for distance learning courses and you should check them carefully if this is important to you. We surveyed over 300 EFL  schools in 2008 and only the CELTA and Trinity were familiar to more than 40% of them.

What kind of people do your course?
All kinds! They range in age from 15 to over 60, and come from a variety of backgrounds. Most people who do the course are at the beginning of their TEFL careers although some have a few months experience and several have been teaching for over a year and do our course as a prelude to doing a higher qualification. Anyone who has had no formal training in TEFL should benefit from the course. Many people who do our course are non-native English speakers.

Will I be able to do the assignments?
The assignments are short or medium length essays and a good standard of written work is expected. However your tutor will help and make suggestions if you are having difficulties. People who have been out of education for some time may lack confidence initially but usually do well once they’ve taken the plunge. Your educational background is largely irrelevant although if you intend working outside your country you may need a degree in order to get a work permit.

Can anyone teach English as a Foreign Language?
If your spoken and written English is of average standard you should be able to teach EFL. Some people may feel they are too shy to teach but this can be overcome; indeed many people are astonished at how much more outgoing they become after a spell in the classroom.

Do I have to have English as my first language?
No. You need to be competent in English but it’s not necessary to be a native speaker. Past students of this course include people whose first language is Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Urdu and Spanish.

I have an accent: Is that a problem?
No. Surprisingly most students cannot distinguish between accents. In Japan students often assume you’re American unless told otherwise. Regional accents cause few if any problems… if you can be understood by other native speakers you will be understood by your students.

Can I pay by credit card?

Can I pay in installments?
Only if you pay directly. In this case two equal payments are acceptable. Because of the high transaction costs of processing payments in many different currencies we are currently unable to extend this facility to credit card payments. If you are buying more than one course or are enrolling at the same time as a friend we may be able to offer you installment packages. There is an extra charge of ten euros when paying this way. Just ask!

Will it help me get a job?
We can’t guarantee you a job but you will have a far better chance of getting a job with our certificate than without it. Many people teach [particularly abroad] without any formal qualifications but increasingly some form of certificate is required.The Certificate course contains extensive advice on finding work and our newsletter keeps you up to date with information from employers. We can offer almost everyone who does our course work in China. You can also do a course in online teaching once you’ve completed our certificate with a guaranteed job if you complete that course.Perfect if you want to work from home!

How can I find work abroad?
Your tutor will advise you on this and may be able to put you into contact with potential employers. All participants on the course are notified of vacancies which might interest them. We also advise on CV’s and interview techniques. The course includes a section on finding work. Just let us know where you want to work and we’ll try and help.

Should I do a higher level course?
If you intend to make a career in TEFL the answer is yes, eventually. If you just want to teach for a year or two while you travel or work for yourself a higher level certificate may be unnecessary. Our course is ideal preparation for anyone who wishes to do a full-time course such as the RSA Certificate or other TESOL courses. We will advise you on any courses which may benefit you going forward. You never stop learning in TEFL

Do I have to complete the course in a set time?
No. Your tutor may contact you if you fail to send in assignments for a couple of months but there is no pressure and you can take as much or as little time as you need.

When can I start?
You can begin the course as soon as we receive your payment or you let us know that payment has been arranged.

How do I enroll?
Go to our enrolment page for full instructions.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are only given for seven days after enrolment. We keep our prices as low as possible and we cannot afford to be more generous than this.