Non Native Speakers

We welcome non-native speakers to all of our courses. You just need a good standard of English.

Non-native speakers find it more difficult to find work and many recruiters are unhelpful. We are compiling a list of recruiters and jobs  for non-native speakers and information will appear here or in our newsletters. We are talking to several companies in China and elsewhere and will post information as soon as we have verified them.

There is a balanced article on the problems faced by non-native speakers here.

The first course in our Career Development Series [ Introduction to TEFL] is now available. It costs just 80 euros and you don’t have to write any essays! You get a Certificate at the end of the course.…/career-development-courses/

From February 12th we will post jobs and company names which accept non-native speakers. Check back here. You need to apply directly to those companies and not to us. We are no employers.