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Your Voice Speaks Volumes: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It -Jane Setter

(Professor of Phonetics, Professor of Phonetics, University of Reading)
Imprint: Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 7 Nov 2019
ISBN: 9780198813842

Why do we speak the way we do, and what do our voices tell others about us? What is the truth behind the myths that surround how we speak? Jane Setter explores these and other fascinating questions in this engaging introduction to the power and the science of the voice.

The book first takes us on a tour of the sounds in our language and how we produce them, as well as how and why those sounds vary in different varieties of English. The origins of our vast range of accents are explained, along with the prejudices associated with them: why do we feel such loyalty to our own accent, and what’s behind our attitudes to others? We learn that much of what we believe about how we speak may not be true: is it really the case, for instance, that only young people use ‘uptalk’, or that only women use vocal fry? Our voices can also be used as criminal evidence, and to help us wear different social and professional hats. Throughout the book, Professor Setter draws on examples from the media and from her own professional and personal experience, from her work on the provenance of the terrorist ‘Jihadi John’ to why the Rolling Stones sounded American.

  • Reveals the kinds of judgements we make about others’ voices without even noticing
  • Explains why English has such a wide range of accents – and accent prejudices
  • Illustrated throughout with personal anecdotes and current examples from the media

Thailand Teachers Club: Tons of free books, lesson plans, audio books and audio files (not
just for teaching in Thailand, but anywhere!). Join their FREE club at Yahoo Groups to grab a
load of great goodies!
This site offers more than 3,200 free printable resources for teaching and learning English
and ESL. All the resources are covered by their free licences, which let you download, print,
copy, and share them

Amazing Site. Teach with magic tricks on video’s

Great resource for lesson plans

Lessons, Worksheets, Fun Games, Tutorials, Powerpoint, Flashcards
Top educator sites ranked by popularity

Characterization Lesson Plans

Free Printables For Teachers, Math Worksheets, Coloring Pages, Clipart, Lessons, Stories,
Games and more

ABC Teach: Includes dozens of free printable activities, research and report help, project
and writing ideas, and diorama themes to print Features games and fun activities in art, music, foreign languages,
English, math, science, and social studies. For students from kindergarten to the 6th grade

BBC – Learning Schools: Learning resources for kids at home and at school. Find activities
and games

Classroom Clipart: Provides educational clipart to be used on projects and reports. Clipart
categories include countries, dinosaurs, animals, space, and weather
EZSchool: Interactive tutorials, printable worksheets, and games

Education Place: Free games, activities, and resources for students studying math, reading,
social studies and science

Enchanted Learning: Site for K-3rd grade students includes both online and printable
activities for all subject areas

Time for Time: Features interactive games, quizzes, animated time zones, class clock and the
history of telling time. Includes lesson plans and create-your own worksheets for teachers

Free educational materials for K-12, including worksheets, games, study tools and tutorials.

Priceless Teaching Strategies provides hundreds of teaching strategies for elementary school
teachers on topics such as classroom management, student motivation, classroom games
and much more.

An educational website where primary teachers will find FREE materials to supplement their
drug prevention curriculum.

Just point and click, fill in the blanks, choose a picture and you will have a professional,
colorful teacher website.

Google for Teachers!
Free ESL Materials

Grammar and Vocabulary
English Language Centre Study Zone
English Grammar in Use
Raymond Murphy’s grammar texts for ESL learners:
they have clear explanations, lots of practice exercises, and are thorough.

John Flemings ESL Grammar Help$14

ESL Blues

Label Me!
This resource of printable worksheets is great for teaching new vocabulary. It has images for
students to label and, if they’re feeling creative, to expand on (“now draw a mirror on the
bedroom wall… now draw a cat under the table.”) These handouts would suit a range of
levels, and the site has a hefty selection of holiday-themed worksheets.

Speaking and Listening

This site is a great resource for audio clips, categorized by topic, level, and speakers’
accents. I dig this site for providing a great mix of accents. It’s not just native speakers
chatting; you won’t find any cheesy dialogues like “Angus and Jeremy compare Scottish and
American holidays!” Instead, the dialogues have accented English from a mix of native and
non-native speakers. This is a smart practice in my books, as in many situations English
functions as the lingua franca of the world.

TEFL Tunes
This is a bank of song-based lessons, with an easy browser where teachers can search by
level, theme, artist or grammatical point. Using “If You Don’t Know Me by Now” to teach the
first conditional? Cool. These activities are a great way to frame song-listening activities
around lessons, as opposed to just playing music in class for the sake of it.

Musical English Lessons
This site ioffers scores of free worksheets with readymade
lyric gapfills.

English Club
English Club’s  worksheets are mini lessons with a huge range of subjects.

Randalls ESL Cyber Listening Lab
This is the biggest bank of ESL listening activities.

Takakos Great Adventure
This site hosts oa 10-part story of a Japanese girl’s adventure in CanadaEach installment has vocabulary and comprehension questions.  The narrations are lengthy and best-suited for high-level learners.

Reading and Writing

Tall Tales

Academic English Cafe
This is a good source for creative writing prompts. As the name suggests, this material is
better for high-school or older, as the topics get abstract. It’s high-level but good stuff.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Purdue’s writing lab has great resources for writing resumes and professional documents.
This site is a very handy tool for university students and adults seeking work in an Englishspeaking

Lesson Plans

The Internet TESL Journal
The journal offers a hefty collection of lesson plans categorized by target skill (reading,
culture, icebreakers). Plans are submitted by site users, so they vary a fair bit in terms of
content and structure. Still, there are great materials here. The site hosts many abstract
lesson topics (modern art, manners) that would suit secondary students and adults learners.
Here, you’ll find lengthy message boards with lesson plans, PowerPoints, and dialogues
about language and teaching. The site has a lively forum, focused on working in Korea;
public school textbooks are heavily referenced. Still, there are good teaching resources for
anyone. Free registration is required to gain access to links and files.

Using English
This site has a long list of pdf lesson plans for different levels. This is one of the few sites
with test prep materials which are crucial for English language learners looking to study
abroad. You’ll find IELTS prep lessons and reading exercises based on the Cambridge ESOL.
Using English also has printable online quizzes on a mix of grammar-based and general

ESL Galaxy
Here is a bank of (over two thousand printable worksheets, mostly for beginner
and intermediate students. The materials include games and puzzles, holiday exercises and
readings with comprehension activities. There are also free PowerPoint presentations that
are mostly suited for young learners.
There is the simple “worksheet generator” for ESL teachers who need to
prep an exercise in a hurry. The site is also one of the biggest resources for lesson plans,
ready-made worksheets, reading exercises and games. The site’s “English Planner” section
has a fun selection of daily class warm-ups too, such as slang of the day and cartoon of the
day. In addition, you’ll find a good library of articles on teaching tips and ESL methodology.


A Game a Day
If you have a computer in your classroom, this site has a calendar’s worth of small games for
those last five minutes of class. Most of the upper level games are vocabulary-related.

Super Simple Songs
The lyrics seem basic, but they’re always a huge hit with younger learners. Play a video in class and your students will
be mesmerized, gold for classes that tend to get unruly.

Comic Creator
If your students enjoy creative activites, the comic creator is a great way to structure and
illustrate the stories they write. They can design each panel with backgrounds, characters,
and speech bubbles.

Armored Penguin
This site makes word searches, crossword puzzles, and word jumbles. It’s very easy to use
and has ready-made puzzles that change daily. It’s also a source of classroom conversation
starters, like optical illusions and funny quotes.

Here you’ll find a collection of ready-to-print flashcards, worksheets and puzzles: a great
resource for kids. A lot of material is centered around Western holidays, so come to this site
first if you’re planning a Halloween themed  lesson.
Puzzlemaker has the standard crosswords and word
searches, plus cryptograms, letter phrases, and all sorts of puzzles I haven’t seen since
leafing through my Nana’s Large-Print Super Stumpers.

Adult Learning Materials
BBC Learning English
A mega-resource. It hosts grammar, quizzes, lesson plans based on current events
and a deliciously British animated series called “The Flatmates” for English learners. It’s a
great site if you teach adult ESL classes, as it has sections for teahcing business English and
lessons framed around practical life skills like renting an apartment and riding the subway.

Breaking News English
Here, you’ll find whole lesson plans with vocabulary, discussion questions and more on
current event news articles. It’s all for intermediate/high-intermediate learners, but text can
be edited and simplified for lower levels. Great material for adults/teens.
Business English Materials
These are quite literally English lessons about businesses. A partner site of Breaking News
English, it has lesson plans about dozens of different successful companies from Apple to
Zara. Lessons include readings, games, comprehension activities and quizzes.

Linguarama’s Postscript magazine offers mini-lesssons and worksheets. Look under
“Themes” for lessons categorized under very precise headings like management, banking,
and marketing. It’s straightforward stuff, best for ESL classes that are intermediate and