1. Notarisation of Certificates: Apostiles

Recently a number of people have asked about apostiles/notarization of certificates. Increasingly some employers are now demanding that all documents you supply when applying for a job have an apostile stamp. This seems to be happening mostly in China, Vietnam and Thailand.  It is claimed that this is a government requirement for work visa applications. However it doesn’t seem to be applied universally and we cannot find any legal requirement for it.

If you need to do this it can be expensive. We advise people to consult with their employer about this. A local solicitor/notary is usually the cheapest option. Below is a notary in London who has performed these services for our graduates in the past if you require such a service and cannot find anyone locally.

Tahseen Shah – Notarial Assistant –

CASTELO  NOTARIES 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW

Tel: 020 3441 5095